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Links to Friends:

Benny Golbin – Benny was a fantastic saxophone player and a good friend.  Sadly, Benny was killed in a car accident in January of 2016.  You can hear Benny playing alto saxophone on my tune “Turning Point.”

Willis Clow – Check out Willis’ page here.  Willis is playing guitar on my tune “What Are the Odds?

Dick Weller – Check out Dick’s site.  Dick has a great drum solo at the end of “The More I See You.”  He also sounds fantastic on “Turning Point.”

Andres Delfin Photography – Need a photographer? Talk to Andres!  He took most of the photos you see on this site, including the one on this page.

Scott Reither – Scott’s my cousin (in-law), and takes some stunning landscapes. I’m pleased to say that I’ve got three of his prints on my wall right now.